MSCO 1.6 Beta Update

• Components Synced – Shower, Flashlight, Grill^, GIFU work lights, GIFU hose^, Car tow ropes
• Fixed Hayosiko Side door bug and Ferndale headlights
• Fixed Unity Log startup error
• Added Ping to UI and an F10 keybind to show network stats
• Added command “clearfps” that removes all Satsuma parts.
• Ruscko Boot and Ferndale doors still a buggy
• No 3 player support yet

MSCO 1.5 Beta Update

• Most house components synced (^ = partially) [TV, Sauna^, Shower^, Kitchen Tap, Kitchen Stove, Spanner set, Telephone^, Radio^]
• Car radio partially synced (Tuner works, Volume is client sided)
• Completely new network infrastructure (May allow for 3 player support in the future)
• Load times improved
• I will focus mainly on syncing Satsuma now (will tell how it’s going in #updates)
• Few doors are kind of buggy. (Hayosiko Side door, Ruscko Boot and Ferndale doors)
• No 3 player support yet
• Still fixing not being able to pick up stuff bug – Basically don’t hold anything you are going to click F on

MSCO 1.4 Beta Update

• Doors synced for Hayosiko, Gifu, Ruscko, Ferndale, and Kekmet
• Boot synced for Hayosiko, Ruscko, and Ferndale
• Resolved <CurrentDictionary> crash errors and couple others
• Implemented sync for house components but not synced anything yet
• The ability to play with 3 players is still in development (not working yet)
• Still fixing pick up bug –  Basically don’t hold anything you are going to click F on

MSCO 1.3 Beta Update

• Kekmet is now synced. (The tractor)
• Vehicle doors sync is being implemented. (It’s broken but you can test it with the Van.)
• Implemented code that avoids crashes. (Most notably, a crash caused by food bought from shop)
• Working to fully fix the bug that stops you from picking up items. (Avoid this by not holding food when you eat them, and don’t hold the shopping bag when opening)

MSCO 1.2 Beta Update

• Shopping is partially fixed! (BUT! Only Host should buy items and open shopping bags! Client can pay for items if you wish)
• Beer Cases partially fixed! (New Beer Cases bought at Teimo’s Shop can be shared between players without issues)
• Hand animations stabilized
• Few reported crash errors have been fixed.
• Visual Studio 2019 C++ and C# Packages are no longer required for the mod to run

MSCO 1.1 Beta Update

• Hand animations have been brought back to life again! (Hitting, Drinking, Pushing, Middle fingering)
• Vertical head movement has also been brought back to life, you will now see when your friend looks up or down!
• Fixed pickupable error crashes
• Improved Build numbering system starting at 1.1 onwards.
• [experimental] The passenger seat on JONNEZ bike is staying for now (Make sure you are SEATED DOWN on the back of the bike when entering. Or you might get stuck!)
• Implemented ability to play with more than 2 players however it’s very unstable and will be added when it’s fixed

MSCO 1.0 Beta Update

• My Summer Car Online 1.0 Open Beta is live! Go download from #download
• Fixed various errors causing unneeded crashes
• [experimental] Added passenger seat to JONNEZ bike. (Make sure you are SEATED DOWN on the back of the bike when entering. Or you might get stuck!)
• Improved some network bandwidth usage
• Fixed issues with Jonnez bike flying away for other party
• Fixed issue where you don’t get the keys to the Ferndale!

• We still expect bugs and crashes this is why we made a #?bugs text channel. Please report any bugs there and let us know any suggestions you may have. All suggestions will be considered.