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Recommended save to use with MSCO


Latest MSCO Launcher
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Modified MOP for MSCO
[Credit: Athlon007]

FREE DEMO (3.1.0)

❌ Does NOT have Satsuma support

❌ Uses old syncing which causes bugs and FPS drop

❌ Requires to send your save manually to friends

❌ Uses old network system which is buggy

❌ Does not have new animations/UI

❌ Lobby is limited to 2 players due to the old code

❌ Is over 50 updates/patches behind Closed Beta


Please note that Demo is included because people asked for a free version, 3.1.0 is the latest open beta version there was so that is what we have added to the launcher.


✅ Does have Satsuma support

✅ Uses new sync system with no bugs or FPS drop

✅ Save is automatically sent from host to players

✅ Uses new networking system which is optimized

✅ Has improved animations and UI for QOL

✅ Lobby supports unlimited players

✅ Is over 100 updates/patches ahead of Demo (3.1.0)


The Closed Beta represents where MSCO is really at, we have made significant changes and improvements that have made the mod significantly more playable.

This is the ONLY Official page for downloading My Summer Car Online mod, Please note downloading from any other website may include a virus or malware.

Updates are first uploaded to Discord so please do join us if you want to get them early! I also post daily news there of how the progression is going. It would be much appreciated if you reported bugs that you encountered playing MSCO, these can be sent in Discord #bugs channel. There is also a #guide channel on Discord which helps you have the best experience possible!