MSCO Closed Beta 4.0.6 Hotfix

Hi there, I have come back to push out a hotfix for the spark plugs bug that has been caused by the recent My Summer Car update, unfortunately I have noticed that car enter/leave function is also buggy sometimes and that the Satsuma overheats on normal speeds, and may stop working because of that. I will work with dimitrov to release an update that addresses many problems within a week or two.

Mod Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spark plug bug that came with recent MSC update
    • Fixed Satsuma exploding while driving
    • Fixed spark plug box not opening
    • Fixed Satsuma spawning with no spark plugs
  • Fixed vehicle driver animations

Upcoming Patch Will Fix

  • New Vehicle bug – Entering and leaving vehicle glitch
  • New Satsuma bug – Overheating when driving at normal speeds
  • New Satsuma bug – Engine not starting sometimes

Appreciate the support and we’re looking forward to your feedback as always!

Author Nika

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