MSCO 2.3.2 Beta Patch

Hello everyone!

This patch attempts to address issues post 2.3 release and includes stuff not included as part of 2.3.1 hotfix.

General Notes

  • MSCO no longer ships with game files.


  • Added error handling during update procedure.

That’s all for now.

MSCO 2.3 Beta Update

A handful of things to go through with this update!
Also we are currently working on a complete re-write for the mod! Expect more updates on this over the coming weeks.

General Notes

  • With this release, all versions prior to Launcher v2.2 will no longer receive updates.
  • New installer for MSCO!
  • Files are no longer stored in Program Files. New location is AppData/Local.
  • This also removes the headaches when having to deal with administrative permissions. (example: “CreateProcess failed; code 740”)
  • All versions prior to MSCO v2.3 can be uninstalled.
  • MSCO logo has been updated.
  • Removed MSCO.exe.
  • Process creation and injection is now handled via the Launcher.
  • Potentially fixes `0xc000007b` application error.


  • Save mangement is temporarily disabled due to a backend issue preventing normal functionality.
  • User preferences file reading through the Launcher is currently disabled.

These will be fixed in the next update!


  • Title bar colour has been adjusted to be slightly darker.
  • Updated Close and Minimise buttons to higher resolution versions and now have a glow effect on mouse hover.
  • Window title no longer shifts out of alignment regardless of the current display resolution.
  • Launcher background is now downloaded to the user’s local machine to minimize bandwidth usage.
  • Removed an unused font reference.
  • Removed hardcoded sizing properties.
  • Changed style of  `Launch` button to look like “metro”.


  • `vcruntime140d.dll`, `vcruntime140_1d.dll` and `ucrtbased.dll` errors are no longer thrown.
  • `fixfiles.bat` is now obsolete and removed from future builds.
  • Removed non-essential functions.
  • Fixed incorrect message box parameters in the event a mono function fails.
  • Added more instances of error handling during mono function calls.


  • Updated all dependencies to their latest versions.
  • Added a message regarding Satsuma when starting a session.
  • DLL targets the proper processor architecture now.
  • Process is no longer killed on Fatal Error. Instead, a shutdown signal is sent.
  • Improved internal logging with more additional information.
  • Instead of continuously writing to the log file, the logger now waits until the application is shutting down before flushing the logs.
  • Messages on screen are now displayed for 10 seconds. (Lowered from 15)
  • Invalid commands no longer display an exception.
  • Empty commands no longer get processed.

Finally, happy 2021 from all of us at MSCO Team!

MSCO Launcher Hotfix

• Fixed Save inability even in normal MSC after using MSCO.
• Added error handling for preferred save buttons
How to update
• You should get an update notification next time you open MSCO
• Press the “Update” button to automatically download & install the hotfix
• If this fails, manually download and install the hotfix from here
• Automatic: Re-select your preferred save from the updated launcher
• Manual: Remove BackupSave from LocalLow/Amistech

MSCO 2.2 Beta Update

Arthur (ex-Ravioli)
• Added Optimized mode (up to 150% FPS boost)
    – Command “clearfps” updated and is now used for optimized mode to improve performance
• Added MOP support for MSCO (up to 400% FPS Boost)
    – Only works with “MOP-for-MSCO.dll”. Download here
• Added “givemoney” command
• Added “killwasp” command
• Updated Launcher to 2.0 with new UI
    – Much better UI with more efficient code and better auto-updater.
• Updated MSCO UI
    – The new UI will be finalized by 2.21 (There will sometimes be “half-updates” or “hotfixes” with version numbers “x.x1-9”)
• New Vehicle Sync
    – Old and new Vehicle syncs combined
    – Players should now experience better driving for both driver and passenger
• Command “killwasp” and “getkeys” ran automatically on start-up
• Fixed few bugs that came with new updates
• MSCO is back in development with the addition of Arthur to the Dev team! More updates soon.

MSCO 2.11 Beta Patch

• Added MSCO Launcher
• Fixed .NET Framework crashes
• Fixed infinite loading MSCO screen
• Added Crash avoidance for when going close to tractor/uncle
• Slight optimizations for the new MSC updates

MSCO 2.1 Beta Update

• Added in-game playermodel Skins
• Added MSCO auto-updater
• Fixed empty MSCO Panel issues
• Fixed not being able to pick up firewood
• Better vehicle dashboard states sync
• Synced few items (flashlight, wood carriers, and logs)
• Fixed MSCO panels staying on screen even after connecting
• Few user-reported bug fixes and optimizations
• Added god mode, type “godmode in console”
• Added automatic use of MSCO save, to reduce magazine and load-in bugs. (run as admin if it doesn’t work)
• Slowed down noclip, Hold left mouse button to go faster
• Better public lobbies display to stop long names extending the bar
• Switched to a newer License

MSCO 2.0 Beta Update

• Added Public Lobbies and Join Friend function
• Added in-game Chat (commands atm: /add, /kick, /tp)
• Synced Bus better, it will no longer drive into a wall
• Fixed Gifu stalling on start-up.
• Fixed the pick-up bug with shop-bought items already in the save
• Fixed passenger lagging back.
• Added rear passenger seats
• Fixed gift opening causing a crash
• Synced coffee, slot machines, shop and pub windows, cottage sauna (but firewood is still unusable), firewood cutting, & Ventti partly.
• Added command to console if shop stuff still can’t be picked up “lateload”
• Few Optimizations and Crash avoidance added.
• Increased timeout time from 60s to 90s

MSCO 1.9 Beta Update

• Added MSCO Panel to the Main Menu
• Added F4 function in game for useful tools (Vehicle spawner, Teleport, Noclip)
• Fixed Major GameWeather Fatal Error
• Fixed Ruscko and Ferndale Boot/Doors
• Added couple new commands to console, getkeys (gives player all keys) & noclip (enables flying)
• Few Optimizations and Crash avoidance added.
• Synced wipers & lights better to avoid spam bug.

MSCO 1.8 Beta Update

• Fixed major item Pick up bug
• Fixed shopping for player
• Synced Jonnez & Bus better (bus in experimental, will be fully working towards 2.0)
• Other minor bug fixes
• Jonnez can now be driven again! If you’re having issues getting on, pick it up and put it against a wall, then you should be good
• Extra additions:  Ping on Host screen, House items re-synced, Various crash avoidances, Better load times.

MSCO 1.7 Beta Update

• Improved Car Engines (fixed random stalling and ignition issues)
• Synced Boat better and added passenger seat (Do NOT Click “C” (crouch button) while in passenger mode or you will get stuck!)
• Synced Jonnez bike better and removed passenger seat
• Synced Car Radio and Sauna better
• Jobs – not fully synced but phone calls and the map are, also if the Host has Sewage jobs before player joins, it will also be there for player