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MSCO 2.3.2 Beta Patch

Hello everyone! This patch attempts to address issues post 2.3 release and includes stuff not included as part of 2.3.1 hotfix. General Notes MSCO no longer ships with game files. Launcher Added error handling during update procedure. That’s all for now.

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MSCO 2.3 Beta Update

A handful of things to go through with this update! Also we are currently working on a complete re-write for the mod! Expect more updates on this over the coming weeks. General Notes With this release, all versions prior to Launcher v2.2 will no longer receive updates. New installer for MSCO! Files are no longer […]

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MSCO 2.11 Beta Patch

Updates • Added MSCO Launcher • Fixed .NET Framework crashes • Fixed infinite loading MSCO screen • Added Crash avoidance for when going close to tractor/uncle ⠀ Misc • Slight optimizations for the new MSC updates

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MSCO 2.1 Beta Update

Updates • Added in-game playermodel Skins • Added MSCO auto-updater • Fixed empty MSCO Panel issues • Fixed not being able to pick up firewood • Better vehicle dashboard states sync • Synced few items (flashlight, wood carriers, and logs) • Fixed MSCO panels staying on screen even after connecting • Few user-reported bug fixes […]

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MSCO 1.9 Beta Update

Updates • Added MSCO Panel to the Main Menu • Added F4 function in game for useful tools (Vehicle spawner, Teleport, Noclip) • Fixed Major GameWeather Fatal Error • Fixed Ruscko and Ferndale Boot/Doors Misc • Added couple new commands to console, getkeys (gives player all keys) & noclip (enables flying) • Few Optimizations and […]

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MSCO 1.8 Beta Update

Updates • Fixed major item Pick up bug • Fixed shopping for player • Synced Jonnez & Bus better (bus in experimental, will be fully working towards 2.0) • Other minor bug fixes ⠀ Misc • Jonnez can now be driven again! If you’re having issues getting on, pick it up and put it against […]

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MSCO 1.7 Beta Update

Updates • Improved Car Engines (fixed random stalling and ignition issues) • Synced Boat better and added passenger seat (Do NOT Click “C” (crouch button) while in passenger mode or you will get stuck!) • Synced Jonnez bike better and removed passenger seat • Synced Car Radio and Sauna better ⠀ Misc • Jobs – […]

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MSCO 1.6 Beta Update

Updates • Components Synced – Shower, Flashlight, Grill^, GIFU work lights, GIFU hose^, Car tow ropes • Fixed Hayosiko Side door bug and Ferndale headlights • Fixed Unity Log startup error • Added Ping to UI and an F10 keybind to show network stats ⠀ Misc • Added command “clearfps” that removes all Satsuma parts. […]

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MSCO 1.5 Beta Update

Updates • Most house components synced (^ = partially) [TV, Sauna^, Shower^, Kitchen Tap, Kitchen Stove, Spanner set, Telephone^, Radio^] • Car radio partially synced (Tuner works, Volume is client sided) • Completely new network infrastructure (May allow for 3 player support in the future) • Load times improved Misc • I will focus mainly […]

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MSCO 1.4 Beta Update

Updates • Doors synced for Hayosiko, Gifu, Ruscko, Ferndale, and Kekmet • Boot synced for Hayosiko, Ruscko, and Ferndale • Resolved <CurrentDictionary> crash errors and couple others • Implemented sync for house components but not synced anything yet ⠀ Misc • The ability to play with 3 players is still in development (not working yet) […]

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