MSCO 2.1 Beta Update

• Added in-game playermodel Skins
• Added MSCO auto-updater
• Fixed empty MSCO Panel issues
• Fixed not being able to pick up firewood
• Better vehicle dashboard states sync
• Synced few items (flashlight, wood carriers, and logs)
• Fixed MSCO panels staying on screen even after connecting
• Few user-reported bug fixes and optimizations
• Added god mode, type “godmode in console”
• Added automatic use of MSCO save, to reduce magazine and load-in bugs. (run as admin if it doesn’t work)
• Slowed down noclip, Hold left mouse button to go faster
• Better public lobbies display to stop long names extending the bar
• Switched to a newer License
Author Nika

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  • szabolcs
    January 5, 2021 at 22:27 Reply
    i dont no how get start msco

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