MSCO False Positive Report

Date: 17 December 2023

For making life easy for our users, we have made a custom .NET launcher for MSCO which you may install by downloading the installer (made with InnoSetup) from our Download page. The launcher keeps the mod up to date and delivers news from the web. This has caused a few anti virus providers to flag our mod as a trojan, as it technically downloads and installs MSCO mod files automatically. We cannot afford an official certificate which would be used to sign and get rid of the false positives.


Most recent VirusTotal scan for primary mod file:


Most recent VirusTotal scan for MSCO installer:


Most recent VirusTotal scan for MSCO launcher:


Recent Anti-virus providers who have retracted false positives:


We try our best to get these false positives manually checked and removed as soon as possible and will continue to do so, however some of them are non responsive and we can’t do anything about that.