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MSCO Closed Beta 3.3.4 Patch

Here is the monthly patch where we address some major issues and introduce a foundation that will support Co-op progression to the fullest once Satsuma building is synced in MSCO. With the new save sending and save system in play, satsuma building as well as game progression has now become possible without ever having to […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.3.0 Update

We are finally here with the 3.3 update that brings the first step of Satsuma sync, the driving sync! We have also added the passenger seat, boot freeze box and dashboard sync on top of what was available in the preview build. There have also been some quality of life improvements like player animations in […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.2.7 Patch + 3.3 PREVIEW

The long anticipated news are here! The MSCO team have achieved what they once thought impossible… Satsuma sync! (coming to MSCO 3.3) Our main developer (Nika) has worked tirelessly to bring the Satsuma to life in MSCO codebase, it took weeks of struggle day & night, and thousands of iterations in testing. And it wouldn’t […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.2.1 Patch

This is a minor first patch for September. We are switching to multiple patches at any time of the month, instead of doing just 1 big patch on the 15th. This way we can add a couple of features at a time, so expect another patch to come soon which will address the other promised […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.2.0 Update

The long awaited 3.2.0 update is here! If you have been following our Twitter posts you will know that I (Nika) were taken abroad to have my health problems looked at and taken care of, I didn’t have access to my computer to develop MSCO in any way and nobody was willing to take my […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.1.4 Patch

MSCO Patch 3.1.4 is here and it’s packed with exciting features, including a new UI for creating lobbies with a lobby limit slider, a new ‘Suit’ skin, improved vehicle boot anchoring, bug fixes for items falling out or freezing mid-air, and new syncs. Update your mod from the launcher and get ready for a smoother, […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.1 Update

We’re happy to announce that MSCO is back after 3 years of inactivity with the Closed Beta! This version primarily focuses on integrating the new beta system within the launcher/game and also finding the main features/fixes needed for MSCO. We tried to pack as many in-game updates as possible, and will deliver more in the […]

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MSCO 3.0 Update

Hello there, Nika here. Lately, I’ve been moving into the IRL work-life and been super distracted and busy, this lead me to keep on DELAYING and DELAYING the 3.0 update… I’ve completed around 80% of it and I keep saying to myself “I’ll do the rest next week” but never get the time to complete […]

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MSCO Launcher Hotfix

Changelog • Fixed Save inability even in normal MSC after using MSCO. • Added error handling for preferred save buttons ⠀ How to update • You should get an update notification next time you open MSCO • Press the “Update” button to automatically download & install the hotfix • If this fails, manually download and […]

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MSCO 2.2 Beta Update

Arthur (ex-Ravioli) • Added Optimized mode (up to 150% FPS boost)     – Command “clearfps” updated and is now used for optimized mode to improve performance • Added MOP support for MSCO (up to 400% FPS Boost)     – Only works with “MOP-for-MSCO.dll”. Download here • Added “givemoney” command • Added “killwasp” command […]

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