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MSCO Closed Beta 3.2.1 Patch

This is a minor first patch for September. We are switching to multiple patches at any time of the month, instead of doing just 1 big patch on the 15th. This way we can add a couple of features at a time, so expect another patch to come soon which will address the other promised […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.2.0 Update

The long awaited 3.2.0 update is here! If you have been following our Twitter posts you will know that I (Nika) were taken abroad to have my health problems looked at and taken care of, I didn’t have access to my computer to develop MSCO in any way and nobody was willing to take my […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.1.4 Patch

MSCO Patch 3.1.4 is here and it’s packed with exciting features, including a new UI for creating lobbies with a lobby limit slider, a new ‘Suit’ skin, improved vehicle boot anchoring, bug fixes for items falling out or freezing mid-air, and new syncs. Update your mod from the launcher and get ready for a smoother, […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.1 Update

We’re happy to announce that MSCO is back after 9 months with the Closed Beta! This version primarily focuses on integrating the new beta system within the launcher/game and also finding the main features/fixes needed for MSCO. We tried to pack as many in-game updates as possible, and will deliver more in the monthly patch! […]

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MSCO 3.0 Update

Hello there, Nika here. Lately, I’ve been moving into the IRL work-life and been super distracted and busy, this lead me to keep on DELAYING and DELAYING the 3.0 update… I’ve completed around 80% of it and I keep saying to myself “I’ll do the rest next week” but never get the time to complete […]

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MSCO Launcher Hotfix

Changelog • Fixed Save inability even in normal MSC after using MSCO. • Added error handling for preferred save buttons ⠀ How to update • You should get an update notification next time you open MSCO • Press the “Update” button to automatically download & install the hotfix • If this fails, manually download and […]

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MSCO 2.2 Beta Update

Arthur (ex-Ravioli) • Added Optimized mode (up to 150% FPS boost)     – Command “clearfps” updated and is now used for optimized mode to improve performance • Added MOP support for MSCO (up to 400% FPS Boost)     – Only works with “MOP-for-MSCO.dll”. Download here • Added “givemoney” command • Added “killwasp” command […]

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MSCO 2.11 Beta Patch

Updates • Added MSCO Launcher • Fixed .NET Framework crashes • Fixed infinite loading MSCO screen • Added Crash avoidance for when going close to tractor/uncle ⠀ Misc • Slight optimizations for the new MSC updates

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MSCO 2.1 Beta Update

Updates • Added in-game playermodel Skins • Added MSCO auto-updater • Fixed empty MSCO Panel issues • Fixed not being able to pick up firewood • Better vehicle dashboard states sync • Synced few items (flashlight, wood carriers, and logs) • Fixed MSCO panels staying on screen even after connecting • Few user-reported bug fixes […]

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MSCO 2.0 Beta Update

Updates • Added Public Lobbies and Join Friend function • Added in-game Chat (commands atm: /add, /kick, /tp) • Synced Bus better, it will no longer drive into a wall • Fixed Gifu stalling on start-up. • Fixed the pick-up bug with shop-bought items already in the save • Fixed passenger lagging back. • Added […]

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