MSCO Launcher Hotfix

Changelog • Fixed Save inability even in normal MSC after using MSCO. • Added error handling for preferred save buttons ⠀ How to update • You should get an update notification next time you open MSCO • Press… Read More

MSCO 2.2 Beta Update

Arthur (ex-Ravioli) • Added Optimized mode (up to 150% FPS boost)     – Command “clearfps” updated and is now used for optimized mode to improve performance • Added MOP support for MSCO (up to 400% FPS Boost)… Read More

MSCO 2.11 Beta Patch

Updates • Added MSCO Launcher • Fixed .NET Framework crashes • Fixed infinite loading MSCO screen • Added Crash avoidance for when going close to tractor/uncle ⠀ Misc • Slight optimizations for the new MSC updates

MSCO 2.1 Beta Update

Updates • Added in-game playermodel Skins • Added MSCO auto-updater • Fixed empty MSCO Panel issues • Fixed not being able to pick up firewood • Better vehicle dashboard states sync • Synced few items (flashlight, wood carriers,… Read More

MSCO 2.0 Beta Update

Updates • Added Public Lobbies and Join Friend function • Added in-game Chat (commands atm: /add, /kick, /tp) • Synced Bus better, it will no longer drive into a wall • Fixed Gifu stalling on start-up. • Fixed… Read More

MSCO 1.9 Beta Update

Updates • Added MSCO Panel to the Main Menu • Added F4 function in game for useful tools (Vehicle spawner, Teleport, Noclip) • Fixed Major GameWeather Fatal Error • Fixed Ruscko and Ferndale Boot/Doors Misc • Added couple… Read More

MSCO 1.8 Beta Update

Updates • Fixed major item Pick up bug • Fixed shopping for player • Synced Jonnez & Bus better (bus in experimental, will be fully working towards 2.0) • Other minor bug fixes ⠀ Misc • Jonnez can… Read More

MSCO 1.7 Beta Update

Updates • Improved Car Engines (fixed random stalling and ignition issues) • Synced Boat better and added passenger seat (Do NOT Click “C” (crouch button) while in passenger mode or you will get stuck!) • Synced Jonnez bike… Read More

MSCO 1.6 Beta Update

Updates • Components Synced – Shower, Flashlight, Grill^, GIFU work lights, GIFU hose^, Car tow ropes • Fixed Hayosiko Side door bug and Ferndale headlights • Fixed Unity Log startup error • Added Ping to UI and an… Read More

MSCO 1.5 Beta Update

Updates • Most house components synced (^ = partially) [TV, Sauna^, Shower^, Kitchen Tap, Kitchen Stove, Spanner set, Telephone^, Radio^] • Car radio partially synced (Tuner works, Volume is client sided) • Completely new network infrastructure (May allow… Read More