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MSCO Closed Beta 4.0.7 Patch

Dear precious closed beta members, we are sorry for the delay in fixing the new issue that arrived with the latest My Summer Car Steam update that had to do with the Satsuma primarily. There were fundamental changes that needed new solutions for us to create and implement, and we have finally accomplished it today. […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 4.0.6 Hotfix

Hi there, I have come back to push out a hotfix for the spark plugs bug that has been caused by the recent My Summer Car update, unfortunately I have noticed that car enter/leave function is also buggy sometimes and that the Satsuma overheats on normal speeds, and may stop working because of that. I […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 4.0.5 Patch

The May monthly patch primarily focused on bug fixes reported by our users! We fixed the most common and disrupting bugs as well as provide some improvements to play. We apologize for the lack of updates which were caused by a developer change. The promised mod support and more will be coming very very soon. […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 4.0.2 Patch

The monthly patch for April is out, we have changed world sync on our progress page from orange to green as we have finally added Weather sync. This patch focuses mainly on minor fixes and addons however we are preparing a big update which will introduce mod support to MSCO. Stay tuned! Mod Features Added […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 4.0 Update

The long awaited update that brings sync for racing/GT parts for Satsuma is finally here! Please note that due to personal life I haven’t had much time to test everything and there may be bugs, please report them to our discord so that I can provide a patch within a week to fix any major […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 4.0 PREVIEW Build

Straight To 4.0! The March update has unfortunately been a much later one than we had hoped, however there are a lot of promising features and updates! There may only be a few update notes below, however the change in the codebase is extremely large and needs testing before it is pushed to Closed Beta. […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.5 Update

Dear MSCO supporters, the new 3.5 update has come with refreshing changes and new bug fixes that have appeared recently. Unfortunately I am dealing with moving country at the moment and it has been really hard to put much time towards MSCO, and so sadly the sync for catalogue and racing/GT parts for Satsuma has […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.4.9 Patch + 3.5 PREVIEW

Implementing catalogue/upgraded Satsuma parts into online has been harder than we thought. Instead of making you all wait, we have developed the progression aspect of MSCO greatly which will be coming in the next major update, and most parts of it available in the 3.5-PREVIEW build. The patch also has some neat fixes and addons, […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.4.7 Patch

Hello there! After facing over a week of DDOS attacks, and over 24 hours of downtime, we were forced to update our servers and the client accordingly, which means we also pushed this patch early, and unfortunately had to skip out on a few features mainly the catalogue/ordering parts sync, and racing/GT parts sync for […]

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MSCO Closed Beta 3.4 Update

Ladies and gentlemen, Satsuma build sync has finally been achieved. Unfortunately I have decided to skip on a couple of features due to burnout and released this earlier than planned. I would appreciate if you guys reported any bugs or suggestions in our Discord as we improve the 3.4 version over the next month. This […]

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