Month: January 2020

MSCO 1.7 Beta Update

Updates • Improved Car Engines (fixed random stalling and ignition issues) • Synced Boat better and added passenger seat (Do NOT Click “C” (crouch button) while in passenger mode or you will get stuck!) • Synced Jonnez bike better and removed passenger seat • Synced Car Radio and Sauna better ⠀ Misc • Jobs – […]

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MSCO 1.6 Beta Update

Updates • Components Synced – Shower, Flashlight, Grill^, GIFU work lights, GIFU hose^, Car tow ropes • Fixed Hayosiko Side door bug and Ferndale headlights • Fixed Unity Log startup error • Added Ping to UI and an F10 keybind to show network stats ⠀ Misc • Added command “clearfps” that removes all Satsuma parts. […]

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