MSCO 1.3 Beta Update

Updates • Kekmet is now synced. (The tractor) • Vehicle doors sync is being implemented. (It’s broken but you can test it with the Van.) • Implemented code that avoids crashes. (Most notably, a crash caused by food… Read More

MSCO 1.2 Beta Update

Updates • Shopping is partially fixed! (BUT! Only Host should buy items and open shopping bags! Client can pay for items if you wish) • Beer Cases partially fixed! (New Beer Cases bought at Teimo’s Shop can be… Read More

MSCO 1.1 Beta Update

Updates • Hand animations have been brought back to life again! (Hitting, Drinking, Pushing, Middle fingering) • Vertical head movement has also been brought back to life, you will now see when your friend looks up or down!… Read More

MSCO 1.0 Beta Update

Updates• My Summer Car Online 1.0 Open Beta is live! Go download from #download• Fixed various errors causing unneeded crashes• [experimental] Added passenger seat to JONNEZ bike. (Make sure you are SEATED DOWN on the back of the… Read More