My Summer Car Online

MSCO is a modification for My Summer Car that lets you to play multiplayer with your friends through Steam

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MSCO In Development Since October 2019


Fully Functional My Summer Car Multiplayer


Open Beta Available for Download


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Estimated MSCO Comeback!

MSCO is an MSCMP-old based modification for the game My Summer Car. The development of this mod started in October 2019 with the idea of Nika and Diehy.  With the current Open Beta, you can test and play with your friends through limited functionality. The final goal for this project is to have a fully working mod that can be progressed with friends. Our biggest tasks are implementing Satsuma building and Save progression.

This mod will stay free forever as its sole purpose is to provide an online variant of My Summer Car.

MSCO 3.0 will come with the following updates

  • New auto-updating Launcher
  • New and easier User Interface
  • Catchup on code to the latest My Summer Car version
  • Player capacity increase to 3
“Do I need steam version MSC to play MSCO?”
– Short answer, yes. MSCO will only open if MSC is found on your steam library.
 “MSCO does not start. Please help”
– Watch this video for a first-time setup.
 “Why does this look like the other MP mod?”
– MSCO is based off of MSCMP-old, but we believe that MSCO can be much better.
 “I die when my friend joins” / “My game freezes when a friend joins”
– Please follow the #guide posted on Discord.
 “Where is Satsuma?”
– The Satsuma does not work on MSCO just yet. It is possible, but a hard goal to achieve.
 “How many people can play at once?”
– MSCO can only be played by 2 people at the moment. We are hoping to increase this number to 3/4 in the future.
 “Does this work?”
– Yes, it is working as of right now, you can watch Nika’s videos to see what functions the best.