MSCO 2.3.2 Beta Patch

Hello everyone!

This patch attempts to address issues post 2.3 release and includes stuff not included as part of 2.3.1 hotfix.

General Notes

  • MSCO no longer ships with game files.


  • Added error handling during update procedure.

That’s all for now.

12 Comments on “MSCO 2.3.2 Beta Patch

  1. When i go into game the satsuma is there but when my friend joins it rys going back into the garage and it like explodes and teleports alla round the map and makes the game lagy

    • Hey there, the Satsuma isn’t synced on MSCO yet. You shouldn’t use a save with Satsuma to play MSCO properly.

  2. MOP for MSCO is outdated and don’t disable anything
    MOP is at version 3 and it takes 3 restarts before MOP goes to safe

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