MSCO 2.3 Beta Update

A handful of things to go through with this update!
Also we are currently working on a complete re-write for the mod! Expect more updates on this over the coming weeks.

General Notes

  • With this release, all versions prior to Launcher v2.2 will no longer receive updates.
  • New installer for MSCO!
  • Files are no longer stored in Program Files. New location is AppData/Local.
  • This also removes the headaches when having to deal with administrative permissions. (example: “CreateProcess failed; code 740”)
  • All versions prior to MSCO v2.3 can be uninstalled.
  • MSCO logo has been updated.
  • Removed MSCO.exe.
  • Process creation and injection is now handled via the Launcher.
  • Potentially fixes `0xc000007b` application error.


  • Save mangement is temporarily disabled due to a backend issue preventing normal functionality.
  • User preferences file reading through the Launcher is currently disabled.

These will be fixed in the next update!


  • Title bar colour has been adjusted to be slightly darker.
  • Updated Close and Minimise buttons to higher resolution versions and now have a glow effect on mouse hover.
  • Window title no longer shifts out of alignment regardless of the current display resolution.
  • Launcher background is now downloaded to the user’s local machine to minimize bandwidth usage.
  • Removed an unused font reference.
  • Removed hardcoded sizing properties.
  • Changed style of  `Launch` button to look like “metro”.


  • `vcruntime140d.dll`, `vcruntime140_1d.dll` and `ucrtbased.dll` errors are no longer thrown.
  • `fixfiles.bat` is now obsolete and removed from future builds.
  • Removed non-essential functions.
  • Fixed incorrect message box parameters in the event a mono function fails.
  • Added more instances of error handling during mono function calls.


  • Updated all dependencies to their latest versions.
  • Added a message regarding Satsuma when starting a session.
  • DLL targets the proper processor architecture now.
  • Process is no longer killed on Fatal Error. Instead, a shutdown signal is sent.
  • Improved internal logging with more additional information.
  • Instead of continuously writing to the log file, the logger now waits until the application is shutting down before flushing the logs.
  • Messages on screen are now displayed for 10 seconds. (Lowered from 15)
  • Invalid commands no longer display an exception.
  • Empty commands no longer get processed.

Finally, happy 2021 from all of us at MSCO Team!

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